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Summary for 2015

Date:Friday Jan 23, 2015

Title:Coffee may be associated with lower melanoma risk

Abstract:Higher coffee intake was associated with a modest decrease in risk of melanoma in a large US cohort study, according to recently published results. The authors conclude that additional investigations of coffee intake and its constituents, particularly caffeine, with melanoma are warranted.

Teenage acne and cancer risk in US women (21.Jan.15)
How melanoma resists BRAF+MEK inhibitor combination therapy (16.Jan.15)
Children of melanoma survivors need sun protection (13.Jan.15)
Predominant role of bad luck of random mutations in cancer (12.Jan.15)
Scope for health promotion among small outdoor businesses (07.Jan.15)
Novel gene identified in tanning dependence (06.Jan.15)
Sunbed-related injuries in the USA (05.Jan.15)
FDA approves Opdivo (nivolumab) for advanced melanoma (04.Jan.15)
2014 melanoma treatment advances (03.Jan.15)

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Summary for 2014

Prognostic influence of pregnancy or a recent birth on melanoma mortality (16.Dec.14)
Study finds melanoma a risk for firefighters (15.Dec.14)
Melanoma chemopreventive agents reviewed (09.Dec.14)
Call for sunscreens to be a regulated therapeutic product in NZ (06.Dec.14)
Study investigates personalised melanoma vaccines (04.Dec.14)
Australian ipilimumab clinical setting study (03.Dec.14)
Pembrolizumab: Why some patients respond well and others do not (01.Dec.14)
Cost estimates for specialised surveillance of those at high risk (27.Nov.14)
Improved progression-free survival with dabrafenib/trametinib combination (26.Nov.14)
Trial demonstrates efficacy of nivolumab vs. conventional chemotherapy (24.Nov.14)

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Summary for 2013

Predictors of sentinel lymph node metastasis in thin melanomas (18.Dec.13)
UVR hazard to New Zealand outdoor workers (17.Dec.13)
In-vitro fertilisation and melanoma (13.Dec.13)
Stage III/IV melanoma patients at risk for new primaries (12.Dec.13)
Pigmentation beyond scar’s edge in recurrent melanoma (10.Dec.13)

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Summary for 2012

Potential drug combinations for difficult-to-treat melanomas (20.Dec.12)
More effective immunotherapy for melanoma hinges on blocking suppressive factors (18.Dec.12)
More Australian states ban sunbeds (17.Dec.12)
Victorian Skin Cancer Prevention Framework 2013-2017 (16.Dec.12)
Cancer Forum focus on skin cancer (11.Dec.12)

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Summary for 2011

Gene controlling melanoma spread identified (21.Dec.11)
Cancer information systems update (20.Dec.11)
NZ price of cancer report (20.Dec.11)
Indoor tanning and risk of early-onset basal cell carcinoma (19.Dec.11)
Impact of physician screening on melanoma detection (15.Dec.11)

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