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Summary for 2014

Date:Monday Sep 15, 2014

Title:Pilots, cabin crew and melanoma risk

Abstract:Pilots and cabin crew have approximately twice the incidence of melanoma compared with the general population, according to a recent study. While the study design could not establish whether exposure to the sun during flight time is responsible for the increased risk, the authors call for "further research on mechanisms and optimal occupational protection".

FDA approves Keytruda for advanced melanoma (08.Sep.14)
US grants Pacific Edge patent for melanoma detection (04.Sep.14)
Amelanotic melanoma linked with advanced stage at diagnosis (01.Sep.14)
Characteristics and associations of high-mitotic-rate melanoma (29.Aug.14)
New hand-held device measures melanoma depth (25.Aug.14)
Use of shade tents at outdoor sports camp (23.Aug.14)
Surveillance of those at extreme high risk of melanoma (22.Aug.14)
Changes in news coverage of sun protection (20.Aug.14)
Ambient UVR levels and NMSC incidence (18.Aug.14)

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Summary for 2013

Predictors of sentinel lymph node metastasis in thin melanomas (18.Dec.13)
UVR hazard to New Zealand outdoor workers (17.Dec.13)
In-vitro fertilisation and melanoma (13.Dec.13)
Stage III/IV melanoma patients at risk for new primaries (12.Dec.13)
Pigmentation beyond scar’s edge in recurrent melanoma (10.Dec.13)
Intracranial, extracranial metastases in BRAF-mutant melanoma respond similarly to dabrafenib (09.Dec.13)
Communicating the location of potential skin neoplasms for excision (06.Dec.13)
High TIL grade of primary melanoma associated with lower death risk (05.Dec.13)
Research findings have potential to enhance melanoma treatment (02.Dec.13)
Global Controversies and Advances in Skin Cancer Conference (26.Nov.13)

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Summary for 2012

Potential drug combinations for difficult-to-treat melanomas (20.Dec.12)
More effective immunotherapy for melanoma hinges on blocking suppressive factors (18.Dec.12)
More Australian states ban sunbeds (17.Dec.12)
Victorian Skin Cancer Prevention Framework 2013-2017 (16.Dec.12)
Cancer Forum focus on skin cancer (11.Dec.12)

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Summary for 2011

Gene controlling melanoma spread identified (21.Dec.11)
Cancer information systems update (20.Dec.11)
NZ price of cancer report (20.Dec.11)
Indoor tanning and risk of early-onset basal cell carcinoma (19.Dec.11)
Impact of physician screening on melanoma detection (15.Dec.11)

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Summary for 2010

Burden of Cancer Report (29.Dec.10)
Drug-resistant melanomas require combination therapy (23.Dec.10)
Consensus vitamin D position statement (22.Dec.10)
Reduced melanoma after regular sunscreen use: randomized trial follow-up (07.Dec.10)
7th Edition of AJCC Melanoma Staging System (06.Dec.10)

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