Yamaha Ski-nZ Max 2017

March 31, 2016

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Are you ready for the challenge?

Fourteen days…..1300 kilometres on a personal watercraft.

“The 2017 Yamaha Melanoma New Zealand Ski-nZ Max will be an adrenalin packed adventure on personal watercraft, travelling via some of the most amazing coastline and scenery that New Zealand has to offer.”

Participants will experience an action-packed and fun filled two weeks as they navigate the coastline northbound from Akaroa to Christchurch then Motunau Beach, Kaikoura, Blenheim, Wellington, Paraparaumu, Whanganui,Day Trip Whanganui River, New Plymouth, Raglan and finishing in Manukau Harbour in Auckland.  Days off will be planned at Blenheim, Wellington and New Plymouth.

On the way, riders will be taking in amazing sights and raise funds to help Melanoma NZ to prevent avoidable deaths from melanoma and provide support for New Zealanders affected. Participants can expect to ride to many iconic spots on the way with a like-minded group of adventurers ... all in the name of fun and FUNdraising.

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Raise the funds and join Yamaha Melanoma New Zealand Ski-nZ to experience over 1300 kms of New Zealand’s coastline in the best possible way. If you’re an adrenalin junkie or just love a good adventure then this is 2017’s must do event. Lock it in today! 



Sat 4th March: Scrutineering & registration at Akaroa followed by briefing & dinner.

Sun 5th March: Ride to Christchurch (Lyttleton) for ‘Auction Night’ 

Mon 6th March: Ride to Motunau Beach (stay in Christchurch)

Tue 7th March: Ride to Kaikoura

Wed 8th March: Ride to Blenheim

Thurs 9th March: Day off Blenheim

Fri 10th March: Ride to Wellington (stay in Paraparaumu) ‘First half function’.

Sat 11th March: Day off Paraparaumu

Sun 12th March: Ride Wellington to Paraparaumu

Mon 13th March: Ride to Whanganui

Tue 14th March: Day trip Whanganui River with pillions

Wed 15th March: Endurance ride to New Plymouth

Thurs 16th March: Day off New Plymouth

Fri 17th March: Endurance ride to Raglan

Sat 18th March: Ride Raglan to Auckland and ‘Final Function’

Please note: All comers are welcome to ride the first half from Akaroa to Wellington and then on to Whanganui including the river day trip. Entry for the part of the second half from Whanganui North is subject to approval by the Event Director. This is because of the longer days and more hazardous conditions.

Please note: ‘The plan’ is always subject to weather. Ski-nZ has so far been lucky in the past with weather, losing only three days out of 24 planned. It is always possible that a particular event could be quite adversely affected by weather. The decision to ride or not on any given day rests with the Event Director and his management team. Safety is critical to each individual participant and important to the success and longevity of this event. In the event that a ride is cancelled on any given day, other activities will be planned and there may be an option to make up for lost time on the following days.


Yamaha Melanoma New Zealand Ski-nZ will be held each year to raise funds that will help Melanoma New Zealand achieve its goals. Participants will need to raise a minimum amount in tax deductible sponsorship to enter.

Those amounts are:

First half only (Akaroa to Wellington): $1600

Second half only (Wellington to Auckland): $1600

Whole event (Akaroa to Auckland): $2900

First half plus 3 days (to and including Whanganui River trip): $2400

Casual Day Rate: $265

There is a one off registration fee of $95

Participants are encouraged to compete with fellow participants to see who can raise the most sponsorship. 


Safety is the first priority for Yamaha Melanoma NZ Ski-nZ. Travelling with you on Ski-nZ will be an experienced team, including medical support, mechanics, PWC experts and on-water recovery crews. A support boat will be provided when it is thought necessary for safety and at other times if one is available. In keeping with the high safety standards and given that this event is helping to promote awareness of melanoma, participants will be required to wear a life jacket, full face helmet, eye protection, gloves, shoes, and a full length rash suit or wet suit for sun protection. Carriage of individual PLB's is recommended. New participants will need to provide details of their PWC riding experience. Riders with minimal experience may be asked to attend a registered PWC licensing course. The Event Director will make the final decision as to whether a rider may or may not ride in the event.


One of the benefits of Ski-nZ is that it gives PWC riders the ability to view New Zealand’s amazing coastline and waterways from a perspective that is unavailable to most people. This brings with it a responsibility to preserve this treasured environment and leave it as we found it. Ski-nZ acknowledges and applies the values of the Department of Conservation in all it does. Ski-nZ pledges to be conscious at all times of the local wildlife and their habitats and to leave a good impression on all we come into contact with.


To be eligible for the Yamaha Melanoma NZ Ski-nZ event, personal water craft must be sit down, not stand up and must be newer than 2008.  Download the Event Guide and Rules (TBA)

PWCs will be required to pass a scrutineering check at registration prior to the event commencing. Download the Scrutineering Form as guidance for this and bring the form and your PWC with you to registration.


Each day riders will ride their PWCs from A to B to C etc. After each day's ride the PWCs will be retrieved from the water and refueled. They will remain on trailers over night then will be launched again the next morning for that day's ride. This means that a driver, vehicle and trailer is required to accompany each rider. Entrants who may have difficulty with this can usually share logistics with other riders. The use of tandem or larger trailers is popular on the event. Spaces are normally available on these trailers. Drivers are available for a small cost. You can also rent a PWC on a trailer for the event. Contact Jeremy at burfoot@xtra.co.nz to discuss.


There has already been strong interest from riders from other countries. Please be assured we will make you most welcome in our beautiful country. Please contact the Event Director at Burfoot@xtra.co.nz to discuss the logistics of bringing your PWC to NZ or of renting a PWC and trailer for the event. See our international package deal & terms & conditions for our overseas participants. (International package deal & terms & conditions to be advised).


We have a package deal available for NZ Corporate Teams which covers jet ski hire & training for your team. To find out more see our Package Deal for Corporate Teams or for other team/rider options & cost variations, please contact the Event Director on burfoot@xtra.co.nz(Corporate team package deal to be advised).


You will need to raise a minimum, fully tax deductible donation as mentioned above. Download the fundraising page for ideas on how to raise this. It’s actually not that difficult. Check out the Melanoma Facts page to see who & why you are fundraising for Melanoma New Zealand.

A $95 application fee must be submitted with your application form. A provisions and merchandise levy is payable by all riders and ground crew. The cost is to be advised and will be set to cover costs only. 

The levy for the 2017 Yamaha Melanoma New Zealand Ski-nZ Max will likely cover the welcome/briefing dinner at Akaroa on Saturday 4th March and then lunch and dinner every day through to the Saturday night final function in Auckland. Breakfasts are not normally included. Breakfasts will be at the discretion of each participant. Lunches are not normally provided on days off.

Included merchandise will consist of an event t-shirt. A rash shirt will be available for purchase by pre-order at an extra cost.

Dinners will usually be at a set venue. Lunches may sometimes be high quality box lunches while on the go. Ski-nZ will work to ensure that all dining experiences are of a very high quality. Ski-nZ will not be profiting from the provisions and merchandise levy. The levy will only cover the costs to Ski-nZ of providing the meals and merchandise. 


You will need to book your own accommodation. A list of negotiated accommodation recommendations is provided.


See the Gear List for compulsory & recommended gear required for the trip


To register for the 2016 Yamaha Melanoma New Zealand Ski-nZ, simply complete form online or download and fill in one Rider Application for Entry form per ski entered and return with a $55 entry fee. Ground crew members will need to fill in a Ground Crew form.

If not completed online, please return completed forms to the Melanoma New Zealand office by post or email to:

Melanoma New Zealand

Postal Address: PO Box 31-167, Milford, Auckland 0741 or Physical Address: Level 1, 2 East Coast Rd, Milford, Auckland

Phone: 09 449 2342 or Freephone: 0800 4 MELANOMA (0800 463 526) or Email:admin@melanoma.org.nz

Numbers may need to be limited, so register soon.

Download the Event Guide and Rules (TBA)

Contact Jeremy Burfoot on Burfoot@xtra.co.nz or +64 21 213 2056 with any queries 

Keep updated with event details by joining our Ski-nZ Facebook Page or visit the Ski-nZ Twitter page


Ski-nZ is seeking sponsors for their 2017 event. Please see our Sponsorship Proposal for more information (TBA).

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Thanks to our wonderful supporters

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