Getting a professional skin check

If you are someone who has an increased risk of melanoma, including having had melanoma before, we encourage you to learn to recognise suspicious lesions and discuss skin monitoring with your doctor.

The Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand suggest being regularly checked by a clinician with a full body examination, supported by total body photography and dermoscopy as required.

Skin checks can be carried out by:

  • GPs who have a special interest in skin cancer and are trained in dermoscopy (the use of a special magnifying instrument called a dermatoscope to examine skin lesions).
  • Dermatologists (skin specialists). Your doctor can refer you or you can make an appointment directly.
  • Other skin specialists such as Surgeons.
  • Various mole or skin check services are available. Many use technologies such as whole body photography, digital dermoscopy and computer-based monitoring to track skin changes over time. We recommend you read skin check service websites or printed information, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about cost and what to expect.


Skin Check Provider List

Listed below are a selection of skin check providers that you can visit.*

*Melanoma New Zealand does not endorse the providers of skin check services listed on our website, including the views they express and the product / services they offer.  The views and opinions of those skin check providers may not necessarily reflect those of Melanoma New Zealand.

Note: Molemap and The Skin Institute have clinics nationwide. Please refer to their websites for locations and contact details.


Northland & Auckland


Skin & Vein Clinic
Peter Chapman-Smith

Rodney Surgical
Dr Andrew MacGill

North Auckland

Dr Maria Reeves

Fiona Larsen Dermatology
Fiona Larsen

Dr Grant Coe

Molemap Central

Skin Cancer Clinic
Dr Paul Joblin

Silverdale Medical
Dr Martin Denby

Sunset Road Family Doctors
Dr Patti Piper
Dr Sejal Shah

The Skin Cancer Clinic
Dr Chris Boberg
Dr Andrew MacGill

Torbay Skin Clinic
Clare Gunn

Central Auckland

Dr Anthony Tam

Dr David Langford

New Zealand Plastic Surgeons Ltd
Dr Mark JB Gittos FRACS (plast)

The Plastic Surgery Centre
Mr Cary G Mellow

Skin Centre

Dr John Chaplin

Remuera Dermatology
Dr Elizabeth Baird

Gavin Lobo Health Ltd
Dr Gavin Lobo

West Auckland

Dr Chris Dickey

Peninsula Medical Care
Dr Edward Watson

Henderson Medical Centre
Dr Dirk Venter

East Auckland

Dr Anthony Tam

Mills Surgical Group
Dr Stephen Mills

NZ Skin Health Clinic
Dr Catherine Laing

Marina Specialists
Dr Paul Jarrett

Central North Island


Dr Sakkie Fourie

Skin Centre - Hamilton

Skin Centre - Matamata

Bay of Plenty

Molemedic & Fraser Clinic
Dr Morne du Plessis
Dr Brian Wills

Mount Medical Centre
Dr Robert Hilligan

Da Vinci Clinic
Adam Bialostocki, Amy Stanway, Brandon Adams

Skinspots Skin Cancer Clinic
Dr Franz Strydom, Dr Phillip Keith Monnington, Dr William Nepia Moss, Mr Michael F Klaassen, Dr Colin Helm, Mrs Carolyn Smith, Mrs Trish Metcalfe

Skin Centre

Bay Plastic Surgery
Adam Bialostocki

Skin Dermatology Institute
Ben Tallon

Skin Centre Rotorua

Gisborne/Hawkes Bay

Gisborne NZGS
Dr Rick Cirolli

Skin Deep Clinic Gisborne
Dr Anunya Deshpande

Marewa Surgery Hawkes Bay
Dr Marcia Sonneveld

Totara Health
Katie Fourie

New Plymouth

Skin Clinic New Plymouth
Dr Lisa Connelly

Naevus Mole Mapping
Carefirst Medical Centre

Palmerston North

Kauri HealthCare
Louise Reiche

Dermal Solutions
Dr Liam O'Leary

Skin Medic
Dr Wynand Louw


Ropata Medical Centre
Sonja Bodley

Vein & Skin Clinic Ltd
Dr Henryk Poczwa
Dr Jerzy Nowacki

South Island


Dr David Langford

The Dermoscopy Centre
Dr Julia Racle

Avenue Health
Dr Victoria Scott-Lang
Dr Ken Macdonald

Pegasus Skin Cancer Centre
Dr John Dehn


The Chandler Clinic
Dr Tracy Chandler


Fernbrae House
Dr Rebecca Ayers

Waverley Health
Dr Rahul Prasad

Skin Surgery Centre
Mathew Ludgate