Regular donations are a vital source of support to our organisation and will help us to ensure a brighter future for melanoma patients, their families and friends.

Here you will find the different ways to support Melanoma New Zealand through donation.



Thank you for helping us save lives and supporting those affected by melanoma. We really appreciate your generosity. There are many ways you can support from one-off donations, becoming a melanoma lifesaver, donating in-memory, and bequests. Please fill in the form to make a donation.

Become a Melanoma Lifesaver

Each year Melanoma New Zealand supports thousands of people become more informed about melanoma, early detection, awareness, support service and advocacy programmes. 

Melanoma lifesavers are a special group of regular donors who donate via their bank account or credit card each month. By becoming a melanoma lifesaver, you will help us take action in four key ways:

  • Advocacy

  • Support

  • Awareness

  • Research

Issac Young

Issac Young

Making a bequest

Making a bequest to Melanoma New Zealand in your will is a wonderful way to support our long-term mission. Many of the support services and research advances we benefit from today have been funded through the generosity of those who have gone before. Our legal constitution assures you that the money must be appropriately spent.

There are several types of bequest:

  • You can leave a specific bequest, such as a sum of money, land, or shares.

  • You can instruct your executors to sell your assets and allocate the proceeds in proportions.

  • You can leave the balance (residue) of your estate to the charity after legacies to family and funeral and administration costs have been paid.

If you require any more information about making a bequest, please email the CEO at  or phone 09 449 2342.