Melanoma: Were You There?

Sweetwaters Music Festival 1980

Sweetwaters Music Festival 1980


Kiwi men are the most vulnerable to melanoma, yet are the least likely to get themselves regularly checked. That needs to change.

So, how do we encourage kiwi men to man-up to prevent skin cancer? Well, through nostalgia of course.

We’ve launched a social campaign using legendary kiwis to help tell our story.

Each kiwi icon is sharing an old photo from a well-known music or summer sporting event he attended in the 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s, asking people to comment if they were there too.

This will get people talking and sharing, hopefully tagging themselves and their mates in the photo as well.

The twist is, on that hot sunny day at Eden Park watching the cricket in ‘82, or chilling to the beats at Sweetwaters in ‘81, Melanoma was there too…

Back in the day the sun was as hot as it is today, but factor 30 sun block didn’t exist and so every male had his shirt off, getting burnt in the sun.

Now, a whole generation of men are paying the price, which is why a regular skin checkup that might lead to early detection is paramount.

And that’s where nostalgia comes in. This clever social media campaign draws their attention to the fact, and because they can also buy a commemorative t-shirt of the event, it’ll even help raise some much-needed money! These awesome designs cost $50 each + p&p.

Buy yours now by ordering here. Orders close March 2nd 2018. Please state:

  • Sweetwaters or Cricket
  • Quantity
  • Whether it's men's or women's 
  • Your size S, M, L, XL, 2XL (They are AS Colour t-shirts, so please be guided by their sizing: Men's Staple Tee and Women's Maple Tee 
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Here are the designs: 

Sweetwaters Festival 1980 or Cricket: NZ vs Australia 1982