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During our Melanoma Awareness week, Melanoma New Zealand would like to invite you to participate in our seventh national ‘Go Spotty’ Mufti Day running anytime during the week of Monday 21st October to Sunday 27th October to raise awareness of this terrible disease that is affecting over 4000 kiwis every year.

Go Spotty with anything: socks, hats, gloves, gumboots, glasses, cupcakes … The options are endless. We have a heap of great ideas to help you get started with your fundraising efforts - click here for more info→

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Rally your colleagues and host a fun event, whether it be organising a raffle, morning tea, silent auction or event something as simple as a casual dress day. The options are endless!

Mufti Day

Make it a spotty day for a donation to come dressed in your best spotty outfit.

Set a target

If you don't reach your target your school principal has to wear a Spotty Dog onesie for a day.

Guess the amount of ...

Lollies in a jar or number of spots on the wall.

Hold a school auction

Get everyone to donate from parents, local businesses and families to donate items that you can auction off.

Hold a book sale

Families to donate old books, gold coin donation to purchase.

Hold a Spotty Disco

Where everyone has to wear something spotty

Spotty Scavenger Hunt

All sorts of things can be put on the list to be found around the course of the hunt. Dollar donations can be made to participate.

Movie Night

What about screening 100 and 1 Dalmatians. Tickets and donations can be charged to come to the fun event.

Crazy Hat Day

Students to come to school, with their craziest hats with all sorts of colours, themes and bits and bobs can be added to the hats to make it a fun day all for a gold coin donation.

Car wash

Simple yet effective! Water, soap and cloth can be found easily when setting up a fun event like this, and everyone can get involved.

Spelling Bee

A little bit of competition can be a perfect event to bring engagement for all ages. Each age level can have different difficulties, entry fees can come from the students to participate or parents can donate to watch the competition. Prizes can be won and participation awards too.

Tiny Triathlon

Kids love to run, jump and swing! Tiny triathlons around school ovals, through playgrounds and jumping over sandpits is another great way to have dollar donation fundraiser. Lots of different obstacles can be constructed for the run. It’s a great way to get active, and the kids get to go outside

Spotty Balloon Pop Off

You can use the school hall for this event. Fill up the room with balloons. Put a slip in each balloon stating a prize the person wins for popping that balloon. Charge a $10 participation fee and treat is as a race where you blow a horn and let them go at it, popping as many balloons as they can get their hands on. Alternatively, charge a small fee per balloon they want to pop.