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During our Melanoma Awareness week, Melanoma New Zealand would like to invite you to participate in our seventh national ‘Go Spotty’ Mufti Day running anytime during the week of Monday 21st October to Sunday 27th October to raise awareness of this terrible disease that is affecting over 4000 kiwis every year.

Getting your workplace involved in Spotty Day will be rewarding, and it’s also a great way to engage your team. The options are endless →

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Rally your colleagues and host a fun event, whether it be organising a raffle, morning tea, silent auction or event something as simple as a casual dress day. The options are endless!

Set a target. Set a fundraising target, and if you reach that target your boss or CEO has to go spotty for a day (dress spotty or maybe even put on a spotty morning tea for you all!!)

Hold a staff auction

Casual day. Make it a spotty day for a donation to come dressed in your best spotty outfit.

Spotty Balloon Pop Off. You can use the company cafeteria or other location for this event. Fill up the room with balloons. Put a slip in each balloon stating a prize the person wins for popping that balloon. Charge a $10 participation fee and treat is as a race where you blow a horn and let them go at it, popping as many balloons as they can get their hands on. Alternatively, charge a small fee per balloon they want to pop. This is a great one to invite the family, too, as well, and a real winner with the kids.

Bingo Night. Everyone loves bingo! Set up a bingo night for employees. Everyone pays a small donation at the door for each bingo card received. Offer small, fun prizes for bingo winners.

Company Raffle & Picnic. Hold a company picnic. Everyone can bring in one item for the picnic to create a great, varied meal in which everyone can partake. During the picnic, employees and their families can purchase raffle tickets to try to win fun prizes. You can also set up fun events, like relay races, an egg toss, pie-eating contests, or other activities to increase participation and make it a great time for all.

Funniest Photo Contest. Employees can bring in their most hilarious photos of themselves to participate in a humorous photo contest. You can place each photo on a bulletin board in the lunchroom with a collection can under each one. Others can vote on their favorite photo by placing a donation in the can. At the end of each day, collect and tally donations. Announce who’s in the lead and get people motivated. At the end of the event, add up the totals and announce the winner, who’ll receive a special plaque, trophy, or other amusing prize.

Hold a Spotty Day Raffle at work. Gather together some fantastic prizes and hold a raffle where people have the chance to win them. Typically in a raffle you would change entrants $2 per ticket or 3 for $5 tickets. If you can’t spend lots of money on raffle prizes, see if local shops and businesses would donate some. You can always include prizes that don’t cost you anything, for example, a week using the best office car park space or a free day of annual leave.

Coin Jar. Not all fundraisers have to be big events. Sometimes all it takes is a jar and a commitment to giving. Place the jar at the front of the office and encourage employees to put their change in it whenever they get a few extra coins. Each little bit adds up, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve collected by the end.

The Great Bake Off. Everyone loves munching on cake and we bet there are several people in your office who love baking it too! Set a date for your bake-off and email your colleagues asking any star bakers to enter the competition. Advertise to everyone else that they can come along, eat cake and judge the winner. Charge people per slice they try and ask them to mark each slice out of 10.

Matched Giving. It can be hard work to organise fundraising events at the office, so it seems fair that you get some help in return. Ask your HR department if the company operates a matched giving policy. This is when the company would match the amount of money that you fundraise, therefore doubling your total!

Guess the Sweets. Fill a jar with sweets and ask your colleagues to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Charge a small fee to enter and give the jar of sweets to whoever guesses the closest number.

Packed Lunch Day. Encourage everyone to make their lunch at home for a day and bring in a packed lunch. Ask them to donate what they would have paid at the office cafe or local shop to charity instead.

Bacon Butties Breakfast. If people are moaning about the 7am meeting you’ve all been booked into, seize the opportunity for some fundraising! Use the office kitchen to cook up some bacon sandwiches then offer them up to your colleagues for a set donation.