Being diagnosed with melanoma or having someone you love being diagnosed can feel overwhelming. It can be helpful to connect with others who are going through similar situations and share your experiences or find helpful advice.

Here are some ways to connect today.

Melanoma meetings

An opportunity to talk and share information about melanoma in a relaxed environment with others who have been affected by melanoma either personally or through family or friends. It’s a chance to meet others who are going through similar experiences and find support.

Our meetings are currently held in Auckland, for more information on upcoming meetings please contact our Melanoma Information Advisor on 09 449 2342 or email for more information.

You’ll find more information on our events page


Come along to one of our Melanoma New Zealand events and our supporter led events and opportunities that we support. It’s a great way to meet others and share experiences to grow awareness and understanding of melanoma in New Zealand.

You’ll find more information on our events page

Social Media

Melanoma New Zealand

You can connect with us and our community online through our Facebook and Twitter. We regularly post updates on the latest news, events and information about melanoma and we welcome discussion on these topics.

Melanoma Support NZ Online group

The Melanoma Support NZ is a private Facebook group that we support. While not run by us, it was created to support patients through their journey with melanoma and is a safe place to talk about what you may be going through.

You can request to join this group via Facebook.