Links and resources

We’ve gathered some useful links and resources to help you be informed about melanoma.
These are resources which are trusted and reliable.

Information and support in New Zealand

  • Glossary of melanoma words (Melanoma Unit) The Melanoma Unit offers investigations and treatments for melanoma patients within New Zealand.

  • PINC and STEEL
    Helping those affected by cancer through a range of specially designed exercise and physiotherapy programmes

  • Look Good Feel Better
    A free service for women undergoing treatment for any form of cancer. Free makeover workshops are available to restore appearance confidence during and after treatment.

  • Lymphoedema Support
    Nationwide group specialising in the treatment of patients with Lymphoedema

Information about research and clinical trials in New Zealand

For International information and support

Downloadable Resources

  • 'Understanding Advanced Melanoma' brochure. A guide to stage III and IV melanoma.

  • 'Understanding Early Melanoma' brochure. A guide to stage I and II melanoma.

  • ‘Just Diagnosed’ brochure from the Melanoma Research Foundation USA. A useful resource if you have just been diagnosed with melanoma.

  • Sun Protection Alert The Sun Protection Alert tells you the time each day that you need to protect your skin and eyes.

  • Uv2Day free smartphone app The app provides forecasts of the UV Index (UVI) throughout the day at the nearest location. The app includes behavioural messages, and is useful for planning activities to optimise sun exposure throughout the year,

  • Information about Sunbeds Using a sunbed is never recommended. They are not a safe way to tan or boost your vitamin D. A downloadable sheet of facts about sunbed use from the Ministry of Health.

Information on Immunotherapy

If you are about to start immunotherapy, check out these five helpful videos from the team at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia.  

Please note, there are differences between Australia and New Zealand for the following content:

Other support and community services

  • CanTeen
    CanTeen supports people aged between 13 and 24 who have been diagnosed with melanoma or any other cancer. Visit the CanTeen website for support or call 0800 226 8336.

  • Mobility Parking
    CCS Disability Action manages and issues permits and advocates to improve public attitudes to mobility issues.


Things to remember…

  • Ask your GP to recommend support services in your area.

  • Don't be afraid to ask your specialist or care team questions at appointments and during treatments. The more you know the better.

All websites listed here are not maintained by Melanoma New Zealand. If you come across a link that seems to be broken, please do let us know so that we can keep these resources up to date.